5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Marshawn Lynch


There are no shortage of inspiring players to be found in the NFL. But neither the charismatic Peyton manning nor the dramatic Richard Sherman are as prolific in both stats and speech as the mighty running back from Seattle, Marshawn Lynch. He’s a man that doesn’t walk, but rushes to the beat of his own drum. He does not mince his words, and he always chooses them wisely. Though his antics might appear silly, there is a surprising amount of wisdom to be found in some of his most famous sound bites.

Here are 5 things we can all learn from Marshawn Lynch that can be applied in our work and personal lives:

1. “I’m just bout’ that Action Boss”


Be in the moment. Whether you are breaking tackles or breaking tax returns, be there. There is a time and place to keep our heads in the clouds, but when it’s game time, it’s time to focus. People who are “bout that action” are always the best in their field. They don’t waste their working hours playing games or gossiping. They are there to improve and make an impact. Not to mention that when you’re “bout that action” you’re a lot more likely to be the “boss”.

2. “Thanks for asking”


Be grateful for what you have. It’s no secret that Marshawn doesn’t like talking to the media, but he is still able to keep his head above his pride and say “thanks.” A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. There is a reason that this principle is one of the foundations of most religions around the world. Those who are thankful understand that while they can achieve a lot on their own accord, much of their success is because of others. Gracious people appreciate what they have and that mindset pours over into their jobs, their relationships and their homes.

3. “Yeah”


Be positive. Few words can be as limiting as the word “no” or the phrase “I can’t”. Marshawn understands that in all of his endeavors he has to believe that he can. He has to believe that he is the best. And above all else he has to stay positive. Even in obnoxious post game interviews where he would rather tell the press some choice words, he still spins it into a positive light and simply says “Yeah”. Positivity is an attribute that not only people gravitate towards but an attribute that will gravitate you towards success. Should you take that risk? Yeah. Can you achieve your goals? Yeah. Are you going to win? Yeah.

4. “I know I’m gonna get got, but I’m going to get mine more than I get got.”


Have perspective. We all have goals and dreams. Many of them we will achieve, but we will fall short with a lot of them. Marshawn understands this. He understands that others will challenge him and even surpass him. He knows he’s “gonna get got.” But he’s going to give it his all every time. In his mind, he is still the best. He’s going to get his more than he’s going to “get got”. He will make his mark on the world. And with that kind of perspective, so can we.

5. “Every time I go on the field, boss, I give what I got. That’s just straight up.”


Give 100% all the time. We won’t live forever, but in the time we have we might as well put in all we’ve got. We’ll never look back on a project we work on and say “I’m glad I didn’t work as hard as I could on that.” But we will always be proud of knowing that we did give it our best. Walking away from any challenge, even a failed challenge feels so much better when we “straight up” put in an honest effort.

Marshawn Lynch might be a man of few words, but when he speaks, he speaks from the heart. And while we might be quick to dismiss his soundbites as trivial, there are pearls of wisdom from the mind of the Beast.

Bonus: Beast Mode.

When in doubt, go absolutely buck wild and just engage in beast mode to solve all of your problems

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