The Top 5 Underrated Apps Only On Android

There is no shortage of “best android app” posts out there on the web. But there are some hidden gems on the Play Store that don’t often get the praise they deserve. As someone who considers himself as an early adopter when it comes to most thing in technology, I feel like its my obligation to try out and test apps and sift the good ones from the bad ones. Here are some lesser known apps that every Android owner should have on their phone.

1. Google Rewards


If there is one thing that Google isn’t, it’s over priced. They go out of their way to give you as much free stuff as they can. And in some cases they even pay you! Google Rewards is an app where you Google will pay you anywhere between 10-99 cents for taking quick surveys. It’s not cash, it’s Play Credit, but if you were thinking about buying an App, song, movie or a new avatar on Crossy Road then this is perfect for you. And honestly the surveys are like 3 questions with multiple choice. It pops up with a notification every time there is a new survey and they usually are every few weeks. I’ve made close to $10 so far and bought lots of awesome apps like Monument Valley and Settlers of Catan.

2. Mupen64


One of the biggest advantages of the Android platform is its access to emulators. With apps like Mupen64 you can download ROMS and play some of your favorite old games like Mario 64 or GoldenEye. Some games work better than others on a touchscreen, but Mupen64 is one of the best emulators for playing old N64 games.

3. Popcorn Time


It’s the app that challenges movie and TV companies. It’s the Netflix library that you want. It’s Popcorn time. You won’t find this app in the Play Store, but if you go to their website from your device you can download it. You can essentially stream any new movie or TV show straight to your device. It’s quite addicting actually.

4. Textra


From my experience, most stock texting applications on android phones are not that great. But Textra solves that problem. It replaces your regular keyboard with a slimmed down one that has a more robust functionality (like using emojiis and .gifs). It’s a must-have for any android user.

5. Mighty Text


This one is more applicable to people who are at a desk all day. MightyText syncs with your phone so all of your notifications pop up on your computer. It’s nice because you can leave your phone in your pocket or in your bag and see what is going on. And with an easy chrome plug-in you can send and respond to texts as well. It makes texting at work a lot more inconspicuous.

Honorable Mention: uTorrent – For all the pirates out there.

3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Underrated Apps Only On Android

  1. MightyText is freaking amazing people!!! I think it should be numero uno personally!!! The people behind it are just pure genuis and so awesome and just listen to their customers. I love this app over everything else I have and cannot imagine life without it! No i did not get paid to say that lol by the way, I just cannot say enough how much I absolutely love it!!


  2. Why did you single out uTorrent “for pirates”? Popcorn time is also a torrent app. It’s specifically designed to make it easier to watch pirated TV and movie torrents. (You are also uploading while watching).


    1. Mainly because you need to know what you’re doing to use uTorrent. I know people’s mom’s who use Popcorn Time but wouldn’t have a clue how to actually torrent something. When I think of a pirate I think of someone who is actually downloading content and storing it for themselves. Not just streaming it.


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