Who Am I?

A great question.


To understand what makes me tick you’ll need to understand my background:

I grew up in the northwest and lived in the same house for 20 years

I’m the youngest of 5, being toughened up by my brothers but nurtured by my sisters

My dad gave me my creativity and confidence. He’s an entrepreneur that loves to barter.

My mom gave me my passion and my enthusiasm. She’s a saleswoman that would do anything for her family

My oldest brother taught me how to innovate

My other brother taught me how to think deeply

My oldest sister taught me to be considerate

My other sister taught me to be different

I grew up in a Microsoft suburb where I developed a love for technology

I also grew up just outside the city of grunge, where I learned to love music

And growing up in Washington, of course I’m a Mariners, Sounders, and Seahawks fan (and a hopeful Sonics fan)

I grew up with an NES and AOL but now I play Xbox on a Fiber line

My friends growing up played a big role in my life

My LDS faith has played an integral role in my life. It gave me direction and purpose in my life

My 2 year service mission helped me become a man

I moved to Utah and have really grown to love it

I tried school out, but it wasn’t for me. Maybe someday

I consider myself a bipolar introvert. I’m a performer who needs alone time to recharge

I met my wife at church and she is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me

I’m the most fulfilled when I’m creating things. My mind is a playground of ideas

I believe that life is an adventure that is meant to be shared

I also believe that the best things in life require the most amount of work

I’ve come to learn that every challenge is a game and every game is a puzzle. And with enough determination and wit, you can solve any puzzle and beat any game

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