4 things that are just the worst right now – September edition

We’ve arrive in a new month and there are already several things that have taken the throne of “The King of the Worst”. Here we go again.

1. Max Hall


“I think the whole university and their fans and the organization is classless, I don’t respect them and they deserved to lose.” – Max Hall

After such an inspiring quote you wonder why bad things happen to good people right? Wrong. You see Max Hall was named first-team All-Mountain West Conference as a sophomore. He was probably BYU’s last decent quarterback. And then years later out of nowhere he gets arrested for shoplifting and cocaine possession. Real classy Max. It must be really hard to be drafted by the Cardinals and not ever play. I’m not even a huge BYU fan but seriously? If you go to BYU you follow an honor code that should be representative of your lifestyle. You had the opportunity to be a role model for kids but you threw it all away. At least Jimmer Ferdette goes out of his way to be an example for the upcoming youth of America. You are just a joke, and therefore you are the worst.

2. Celebrity iCloud Epidemic


This is an obnoxious turn of events for many reason. First off if you’re going to take sultry pictures of yourself on your phone you are already putting yourself at risk. I understand that you thought the iCloud was a safe place for that sort of thing but all things electronic are a risk. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer (remember Sony) a mom (remember target) a dad (remember home depot) or anyone else, when you give up your information to technology it is at risk. If you don’t go into it with that mindset you are setting yourself up to be burned.

Second off, get over it. You are a public figure and people ogle over you at any given occasion. You lost some naked pictures of yourself, which sucks, but is it then end of the world? No. The creeps of the internet already had photoshopped pictures of you doing gross things anyway, this is just fodder for their miserable lives. The more fuel you give it the more fire it becomes. Just move on.

And lastly, Come on. Come on to everyone. Come on Apple, you’re smarter than that. Come on celebrities, you were being negligent. Come on society, why is this news? Are we so obsessed with immorality that the idea of a naked picture of Jennifer Lawrence makes headlines? And come on hackers. Get a life. You’re all the worst.

3. Justin Bieber arrested. Again.

This one goes without saying. Justin Bieber is the epitome of how awful the lime-light can distort you. This was a kid who was super talented who literally became obsessed with himself. I don’t really even need to go into how much the biebz is terrible but he got arrested because he’s horrible and I can’t wait until he’s never in the news again.

4. CeeLo Green’s horrible Tweet


If someone said to you “Rape is only Rape if you’re conscious.” then I would assume that person was on the other side of a glass wall using a payphone and was halfway through their life sentence. Or maybe it was public figure CeeLo Greens tweet the other day. What?! I mean I think I get what he was trying to say, which is that if you’re raped when you are conscious is probably a different and assuredly worse experience then if you are passed out and raped… but that is a conversation you have with your racists grandpa when you are fishing in the middle of nowhere… not a tweet you send out to your millions of followers. CeeLo I’m glad your show got canceled, I’m glad you deleted your twitter and I think the words of your own song are appropriate “Forget you”. Maybe the unedited version of that song might be more appropriate though. You are the worst.



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