25 Things Mormon Guys Really* Love

Last year Buzzfeed had an article about what Mormon girls and bros love. While I think the girl one was pretty spot on, the guy one was pretty weak. You can see for yourself.


Now granted my post is mainly geared towards Utah Mormons… Utah is still the Mormon Mecca and in living here for close to 10 years, these have been my observations.

Here is a list of 25 things that Mormon guys really love:

1. The Utah Jazz


No matter how bad they are, it’s the only team Utah has got. And Mormon guys must support Utah’s oddly named basketball team. Now If only they could get Jimmer there somehow…

2. Guns


If you don’t have at least 3, you’re in the wrong religion.

3. Telling Mission Stories

Man Telling Story to Friends

“..And this dog was chasing me, and it was SO crazy!”

4. Pulled Pork Burritos @ Café Rio


Even if they were sick, they wouldn’t want chicken noodle soup. They’d want one of these.

5. Mario Kart 64


Toad or Yoshi only. Everyone else might as well be Bowser.

6. Golds Gym


Because where else would you go in the alarm sales off season?

7. EDM


What else do you think they’re listening to at the gym to get jacked up for their next set?

8. The Walking Dead


Because Guns, Zombies, and we all secretly wish we could be Rick

9. Vans


Because they go with everything and look tight.

10. The word “Tight”


Its the Mormon girl equivalent of “awesome”

11. The Broncos

USA TODAY Sports-Archive

It used to be the 49ers. Until Peyton.

12. Lord of the Rings


Because we like to keep it both secret, and safe.

13. America in General


Because we know we’re in the promised land.

14. Memes


Because we’re hilarious and so are they

15. BYU Football


Because its Gods team. Even if they are a Utes fan, they secretly root for the Cougars

16. Dr. Pepper


Even thought we would probably drink Diet Coke, but its far too Mormon girly.

17. Best Buy

Earns Best Buy

The one place where we can demo video games on brand new plasma’s.

18. Hating on Obama


It doesn’t matter what it is, if its bad, its Obamas fault.

19. $5 Hot N’ Ready


A feast for kings. But must be eaten within 20 minutes of purchase or magically turns to cardboard.

20. Having the best App idea


You put a picture on the line…we’ll call it exchange-a-gram

21. Girls in Yoga Pants


When girls started wearing these instead of sweatpants. Best. Change. Ever.

22. Trucks


Who wants a BMW when you can have a lifted Raptor?

23. Duck Dynasty


Because they pray at the end. And they basically have the perfect life.

24. Whisky Militia 


Where else would we buy our tight gear?

25. Key & Peele East/West Bowl Video


Because OMG did you see them reference us?? Hilarious!!!

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