Why AliExpress is more amazing than your face


I’m not the most avid online shopper, but it’s definitely something that I do. While Amazon is great for most things, there is one place that you always need to check first. AliExpress.com. You know when you are looking on Craigslist and you see some angry wife selling her husband’s Xbox for like $50? You get a similar ecstasy feeling when you shop on AliExpress.com. Here are 6 reason why AliExpress is more amazing than your face.



How annoying is it to buy sports jerseys? Like I’m a fan, but I’m not sure I’m a spend $120 on a jersey fan. But I am a $20 sports jersey fan. That’s right, on AliExpress you can get authentic sports jerseys for under $30. Sometimes under $20. I actually got my Wilson Jersey for $19. I also got a Demspey jersey during the world cup for $17. They look like the original ones, they feel like the original ones. The only difference is that your wallet will have more cash in it.



Know what else is the worst to buy? Razor blades. I’m sorry but I know for a fact that it doesn’t cost Gillette more than 50 cents to make a blade, and yet I am getting charged close to $5 per blade? I don’t think so Gillette. That’s why I bought 16 razors on AliExpress for $17. That’s right, that’s about $1 a blade. I used to use DollarShaveClub.com but now I can get better razors for the same price. Win-Win-Win.

Phone Cases


I’m usually against buying phone cases. Cheap ones are ugly and expensive ones aren’t worth it. But if you can get an expensive one for cheap? Now you’re speaking my language. The LG Quick Circle case for my phone is usually close to $30. But on AliExpress? $9. Boo Ya. Always check Ali for cases.

SD Cards


This is an easy one to save some money on. A 64 gig micro SD card at Best Buy will cost you about $60. AliExpress? $9. Its just a no-brainer. Upgrade your 8 gig android to a 70 gig android for 9 bucks? I think yes.


Free shipping stamp

Speaks for itself. I dont think everything has it, but about 95% is free shipping. While it might take a few weeks to get there – you don’t pay anything other than the price you see.



And finally, no hassle returns. Buying anything online can feel like a risk, but when you can return it with no questions asked then you’ve got nothing to loose. Fortunately I’ve had success with all of my purchases, but it’s a good safety net to have.

So there you have it kids. And these are just the things I’m interested in! I saw a wall sized fat-head of Elsa from Frozen for $3. I have no need for that at all, but if I had a daughter I know she would love that. And its cheaper than a happy meal.

Happy Shopping.

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